Online courses that catapult your copywriting skills and success

Looking to boost your copywriting skills and command top-dollar on your own terms? I have put together an online course that will teach you the latest techniques in direct-response, digital, and content marketing writing. 


The Crush-it Blueprint Copywriting Program is an intensive copywriting for newbie and experienced copywriters who want to dive deeper and build a profitable online writing career. 


The CIC program include rote learning exercises, real time feedback on assignments, online live support, mentorship, branding and marketing, client acquisition through freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and LinkedIn, and lots more.

Get your certificate in direct-response copywriting

If you’re considering a career as a copywriter or content writer, then earning the Crush-it Copywriting Certificate is a good way to give yourself an edge — to say the least. As  a CIC certificate holder, you have what it takes to take the industry by the storm and command top-dollar from any client getting 5-star reviews every single time. 


The online courses are taught by me, so you get my personal feedback and guidance.

Freelancers: Prospecting techniques that work (even in a down economy)

I’ve seen it many times in my 6 years in the copywriting business. Times get tough, and yet there are some freelancers that continue to thrive. How do they do it? The secret is, they’re using simple prospecting techniques that work. (And I don’t mean cold calling.)


In this course, I show you the most effective ways to identify, reach out to, and connect with prospective new clients. When you put these strategies into action, you’ll soon be booking more ZOOM meetings with people who want to hire you.  


This course includes my personal feedback and coaching.

Olajire was our copy-writer for our new e-commerce website and I was absolutely pleased with his work. He understood the demand very well, did the necessary research and provided high-quality copy-writing that both catches attention and drives sales. Olajire is definitely gifted in his field and am convinced he can write for any industry. I intend to work with him again in 2020. Highly recommend!


Léonie Gisin

Entrepreneur, LHD